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glibc, X11 and the rest


finally I caught up with normal life again; maybe slightly more noisy
than before ;-)

Ben is putting a lot of work in the glibc update and I'm glad that he
took over the package compilation. Thanks.
I read the glibc thread with interest and I've got just some random
It's ok that the old sparc patches were dropped because they were
just compatibility hacks for the 2.0.x kernels. Potato will be pure
2.2.x on Sparc. But I'm slightly worried about the upgrade path. If we
really depend on a kernel > 2.2.7 we'll need a glibc preinst script on
Sparc which bails out on older kernels (uname). Ben, do you know
what's the init problem ? Maybe we can fix it instead ?

Steve is integrating the Creator patches in our new XFree source
package which is great. The co-sysadmin at my university department
here in Stuttgart compiled a patched Xsun24 for our own testing. It's
definitly faaaaast. In case somebody is interested in testing it on
their Ultras I put the gzipped server at
This is only for the impatient otherwise wait for the _true_ packages
by Steve ;-)

And finally on the autobuild issue:
Ben, will your wannabuild/buildd act as master database for the rest
of us or will we setup a buildd on one of the xia machines ?

I've got to clean up the source packages issue with slink before I'll
start working on potato.



PS.: I think for our first release on Sparc we did pretty well. Thanks
Eric, Steve and Anders.
Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de

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