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Re: 2.2.6 install disks?

> I wasn't able to install kernel 2.2.1 on my SPARC 2 because it
> complained about "live target 0 not responding to selection" during
> the SCSI initialization phase.  The only target that it should have
> been interested in is 3, and 2.0.35 was able to start up just fine.
> I have seen indications that the SCSI esp0 code may have been fixed up
> in 2.2.3 or 2.2.4, so has anyone out there tried putting together the
> rescue, root, and drivers floppies using 2.2.6?  I'd be very
> interested in trying it out as 2.0.35 is rather slow.

Why don't you just compile 2.2.7 (the latest) yourself and try it?

As for speed ... I compiled 2.2.7 under 2.2.6 on a SPARCstation 2 (40
BogoMIPS, 32 MB) last night and it took 2 hours 15 minutes. That's a
bit slower than the 70 seconds Linus needs on his machine, apparently.

Possibly due to a bug in "make oldconfig" I got a kernel with no
framebuffer, but I could telnet to it; "make oldconfig" messes up the
fonts, too, in my experience ...

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