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Re: fixing slink boot-floppies for sparc

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Eric Delaunay wrote:

> About wrong /dev/fb0 permissions, could someone investigate why X does
> not find the device if not world writable ?  I was not able to track it

Alright, I just found the answer.  X uses the access() syscall to check to
see if it can access /dev/fb*, and access() uses your _real_ uid/gid, not
your _effective_ uid/gid, so even when it's setuid it's still checking if
_you_ can access /dev/fb*.

I suspect you could play games with set(r)euid(2) here to work around this,
or perhaps fake the access() calls with a stat() and some logic.

> Why X don't use /dev/sunmouse directly then ?  And gpm too ?
> This way, no need to manage the symlink.

X and gpm default to /dev/mouse on all platforms, it seems.

> I'm using a french keyboard (latin1 layout) and I cannot switch back to
> virtual consoles.  CTRL-ALT + F<n> are inoperant.  Any advice ?

It doesn't work here, either.  (Type 5, US UNIX layout, 2.2.5-cvs.)

stracing chvt shows the kernel successfully completing the ioctl() to
switch consoles, and then blocking on the "wait for switch to complete"


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