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Re: New XFree86 and (Re: autobuilder...glibc 2.1...egcs 1.1.2)

On Sat, Apr 24, 1999 at 02:54:48PM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:
> > > I'll try the libc packages too.  You were also working on an a sparc64
> > > compiler, right?  What's the status on that.  If egcs 1.1.2 can
> > > correctly compile the sparc64 kernel I'd rather use it than the
> > > current egcs64 package (which gets internal errors on the 3com
> > > driver).
> I just tried the latest glibc packages.  Works on the Ultra5 and SS20
> with 2.2.5cvs kernel.  Doesn't work with the slink 2.2.1 kernel on the
> SS20 (init wedges).
> I wonder if the sparc32 vfork patch is in the 2.2.6 kernel.

Damnit...we will have to depend on a certain kernel-image package for
glibc 2.1.1 then. We need to get source and debs of the latest cvs
kernel (probably just diff the 2.2.5 in unstable with the 2.2.5+cvs you
used, then upload a patch) in the dist before we can put glibc 2.1.1 in

> > I uploaded a newer one to unstable a bit ago. Presumably the egcs 1.1.2
> > does not compile sparc64 kernels. When the mainline egcs package can do
> > this, we should just be able to compiled with --with-cpu=ultrasparc and
> > get a dual target gcc right with a default of -m32 (-m64 must be
> > specified) right?
> If I'm not mistaken, we'd essentially need a cross compiler named
> sparc64-linux-gcc.  So, when the egcs package can handle compiling the
> kernel, we'd have to tell it to build a cross compiler for sparc64
> binaries (much like the cross compiler for m68k works).
> --with-cpu=ultrasparc just does UltraSparc optimizations (code
> ordering, etc) - we need to produce code for 64-bit mode (so some of
> the type sizes are different - and some instrs are different) and
> dump them into ELF64 object files.

IIRC, they mat not be the right configure option, but there is a way to
make a multi arch compiler for sparc32/64.

> > > Also, some people may have found this out already, the sparc64
> > > platform does not run libc5 packages unless you use the ld.so from
> > > UltraPenguin.  I will port the patches when I find some time.  This
> > > problem is only relevent to people trying to build altgcc packages on
> > > UltraSparc systems.  (We essentially need a different version of the
> > > dynamic loader on sun4u machines.)
> > Yes yes yes! I really need to be able to run the libc5 java.
> Oh, I didn't know anybody noticed.  I'll work on it remotely when I
> get home.  (If TCI isn't down.)

Thanks, please let me know if you get this done soon.

BTW, seeing as Glibc worked with egcs 1.1.2, I'm going to upload it
tonight, I just missed today's dinstall run, so it will be in the
archive tomorrow for those without access to Incoming.

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