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Re: Problem in rescue disk for Sun Ultra 1

Hi Hermano!

On Fri, Apr 9, 1999 at 12:01:59PM, Orion the Hunter wrote:
> But the odd thing is, I have already installed Debian/Linux in
> this same machine using floppy disks with a set of images from the site
> ftp.ecs.msu.edu, and it worked!  It was pre-slink, though, and I think
> the images were for testing.  Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to
> overwrite the disk a few weeks ago, and so had to try the new images
> (without success).

It just happened that I made a local mirror of the Debian archive at the end
of February and didn't update it since then ;-) There I have pre-slink boot
floppies 2.1.6-1999-02-02 and 2.1.8-1998-02-22 (they should be 1999-02.22, I
guess ;-) ).  2.1.6 didn't work on my SparcClassic (the installation process
was entering an infinite loop), but 2.1.8 did so perfectly! Please let me know
if you need one of those, since I'm going to update my mirror pretty soon ;-)

   --- Shurik.

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