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Re: getting the list of packages for sparc 1+

>>>>> "hh" == Harold Hartley <haroldh@midmaine.com> writes:

hh> Well, so far things are going good til it comes to getting the
hh> list of packages...  when I run dselect to update to get the list
hh> of packages, I seem to see on my screen "Connection timed out" and
hh> that is to the site for the files...

hh> its to the non-us list of packages I get no where with...  can
hh> anyone help me on this so I can get all I need installed on my
hh> sparc 1+

If you're using apt, I find this is the best site for non-us (put in

deb http://sunsite.org.uk/pub/unix/Linux/debian-non-US slink non-US

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