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Re: autobuilder...glibc 2.1...egcs 1.1.2

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> In case you haven't noticed, I've setup an autobuilder for sparc and
> have compiled some 500+ packages over the past few days. We were
> initially at onl 53% sync with potato, we are not slightly over 89%.
> There are a few more gnome packages I need to get out. I am going to
> post failed builds here for you people to take a look at if you desire.
> Send the relevant patches to the package maintainer and buildd will
> pick it up on the next upload.

> Now onto glibc. There is a new upload of 2.1.1-1 in unstable. I am
> going to try and build this. I'll need the usual fool hearty sun4m
> volunteer when it's done :)

> Question. Are we prepared to move to egcs 1.1.2 for potato? This means
> that egcs becomes the default gcc, although gcc 272 will still be
> available. I'm all for it, have it compiled. Unless some one can give
> me a reason not to, I'll upload it in the morning.

Yes! I've been waiting a long time for this - gcc 2.7.2 should _never_
be used on the sparc, it can produce bad code in quite a few instances
(I've already had to hack binutils to use egcc on the sparc.)  I'm
surprised the i386 (which has less of a problem) beat us to the punch.

(I also need egcc to build the X source - because gcc can't generate
some of the instructions for the newer sparc chips (32-bit even).)


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