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Hi, my name is Nick and I am new to debian and sparc.
I tried to install debian on my ipx via apt and the internet.
I enterd the following line in sources.list

	deb ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/debian stable main contrib non-free

Durring the installation I first selectet the admin box packages, and 
directly encounterd a dependencies error with mc ... well, i was 
wondering that there are errors even in these pre selected 
packages ...
After deselcting mc and something else i cannot remember right 
now the installation started but many packages were not installed 
bacause of 

	425 Cannot open passive connection: Invalid Argument

So what am I doing wrong ?? Is the sources.list entry ok ??


  / Nick Panienski - IT97 BA Heidenheim
 / eMail: nick.panienski@pironet.de
/ http://felix.ex.ba-heidenheim.de/~paniens

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