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Re: How Stable for the Debian-SPARC?

I have been using SPARC/Linux for a bit over two years on leftover IPX's, Classics's, SS5's,
SS20's and Axil 320. Until recently I have had been using Redhats CD media for installation,
but I have switched over to Debian. The current version "Potato" is stable, but not as easy to
install as Redhat. Spend the time learning dselect and you should not have any problems.

"Man H. Tam" wrote:

> Hi all:
> I am new to the Linux community and I am trying to find a stable Linux distribution
> to install on my Sparc5 station.
> I read your web site.  You mentioned that Debian - Sparc is "almost stable" state.
> How stable comparing with the RedHat distribution?
> Will it support RPM installation process?
> Where I can get instructions on how to make a bootable Floppy/CDRom for your distribution?
> Where is the download sites for your distribution?
> Regards,
> Man
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