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[no subject] 2.2.17 i386 boot-floppies uploading Aaargh, NIS is gone Abuse is still being worked on adns, please test: Uploaded adns 1.0-1 (source i386) to inka alternatives for MUA and NUA? Re: Alternatives to Re: ANNOUNCE: First official release of "apt-show-source" RE: ANNOUNCE: Project to weld a specially-built perl-5.6.0 to aol server ANNOUNCE: Project to weld a specially-built perl-5.6.0 to aolserver Another upgrade glitch Any reason not to use PNG images in packaged HTML manuals? APM (was Re: hardware-screensaver: dpms) apt and multiple connections apt-get and clean apt-get and proxy [apt] loopbreak error? Need explanation. apt-move problem Re: APT problem Re: Archive maintainers: Please relocate tpctl package Re: Asking the upstream author [ was Re: ITP: codecommander ] aspell dictionaries (ITP: aspell-da) Automated network installs? avifile Re: bad press at becomming a debian developer Re: becomming a debian developer (fwd) Re: becomming a debian developer (Joey: pls read) Best way to depend on an xserver but conflict with XF86 v4 ? Re: (Beware helix packages) Re: [CrackMonkey] The right to bare legs Re: /bin/ksh as a default POSIX shell Re: BTS not showing my bugs Bug#24334: marked as done (libc4 missing in hamm) Re: Bug#70035: sawfish-client isn't happy with a fully-specified display Re: Bug#70269: automatic build fails for potato Bug#70841: Dificult internationalization Bug#70842: project: I want dpkg and apt supporting foreing languages because I can translate to Portuguese. Bug#70948: ITP: ifinnish-small, ifinnish-huge Re: Bug#71107: [ Re: RFC: removal of libqt1g from woody] Re: Bug#71237: cdparanoia: cannot use cdparanoia 'out of the box' as a non-root user. Bug#71306: ITP: GZigZag -- An implementation of Ted Nelson's ZigZag Bug#71717: general: dpkg segfaults , unsure of cause. Bug#71744: general: russian manpages displays incorrectly with groff_1.15.3-2 Re: Bug#72012: ITP: oregano -- GNOME application for schematic capture of electrical circuits Re: Bug#72073: ITP: PETSc, the Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow Bug#72162: Bug#72162: marked as done () Bug#72205: general: Package 'gabber' hasn't updated its dependencies, package names have changed. Bug#72205: marked as done (general: Package 'gabber' hasn't updated its dependencies, package names have changed.) Re: Bug#72226: adduser(required) depends on perl5(important) Re: Bug#72229: pg_wrapper breaks psql database selection Bug#72478: Re: Bug#72633: postfix-tls: Starting mail transport agent: Postfixpostconf: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by postconf) bug database not updated? bugs by submitter bug tracking system not updated build question build-suggests? Can I use dpkg -i to install in /usr/local or /opt? cdcd CD-ROM Bakunin. CFP: Smart BootManager Re: CGI bug scripts Clicking a dialog box (Re: Which task package installs gpm?) Confusing Red/Blue buttons (was: Security of Debian SuX0r?) Re: Crazy idea: removing version numbers from debian curl: regular, ssl and krb4 Customised boot-floppies? CVS apt 0.4.0 Dates again. db3 (was: libgd1 vs. libgd1g) d-d digest debhelper or fakeroot problem? Debian and KDE Debian and KDE: Appology debian and multimedia Debian banner ad outdated Debian, daemons and runlevels (was: Re: X and runlevels) Debian in Yugoslavia The Debian Keyring and my packages... debian-non-US/dists/woody/non-US/Contents-i386.gz Debian Policy Debian Port to x86-64 Debian Weekly News - September 19th, 2000 dependencies on gnome-bin-1.2.4.-helix4 determining if we're using db.h from libc6 or libdb2? developer in LA area devfsd permissions and makedev permissions coordination digest version broken? DNS and smail The last update was on 20:00 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2252 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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