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Re: Debian and KDE

> I would be happy to take over korganizer again for starters (from the status
> information of the package on the tdyc site I believe that no-one else has
> more interest in it than me).
> Ivan, if you're managing the KDE Debianizing stuff then perhaps you could
> assign 2 or 3 other significant KDE packages to me, or a dozen of the tiny
> things that don't require much work and aren't as important.
> Korganizer is significant IMHO because loss of data can cost users money and
> there is more demand for fast action on bugs.  Games aren't as important
> because people don't care so much if their high-scores get temporarily
> misplaced.  ;)

If you want to take over kdepim be my guest (since that's where korg is now).


Ivan E. Moore II
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