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Re: apt and multiple connections

Jason Gunthorpe wrote :

> On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Russell Coker wrote:
> > I would like to transfer several files at a time to enable usable throughput
> > through slow web caches.  Is there any way this can be done?  If not can this
> > feature be added?
> If I recall it isn't too hard, but it isn't there specificly to
> prevent yahoos on 'fast' links from tanking our archive servers.
> As much as I hate saying it, if you are behind a poor web cache or
> have an ISP that QOS's HTTP then you should probably use ftp..

On a similar (but kinda opposite) note, are there any plans to add
some bandwidth-limiting functionality to apt/apt-get ?

Andrew J Cosgriff <ajc@polydistortion.net> sheila liked the rodeo...

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