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Re: Can I use dpkg -i to install in /usr/local or /opt?

W. Borgert wrote:
>> Of course, not all packages can be placed under non-standard
>> directories, but most packages wouldn't raise this problem.
>> In fact, most programs I know, use the ./configure --prefix
>> option only for the install target in the Makefile, in most
>> cases nothing is hard-coded into the binary!

On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 01:19:39PM +0200, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:
> Well, a lot of programs will probably work. However, you may get
> strange unexplainable bugs, too.

Actually, any program with some sort of data it keeps around is going
to have hardcoded paths; I mostly notice it with interpreters and
compilers for bizarre programming languages (of which I have many)
and aliened rpm's. alien does some sort of FHS magic, after which the
compiler and/or interpreter have no idea where to find their interface
files or shlibs for the runtime system. =) (c.f. Gwydion Dylan rpm's)

I'd be in favor of just about anything that would allow one to
successfully retarget things like this; if you've ever had to deal
with large bases of applications and libraries (try GNOME) under, say,
a non-Linux environment like a home directory NFS exported across
Solaris x86, Solaris SPARC, and 32-bit and 64-bit IRIX machines, on
which you don't have root, you start wishing (and very hard) for a port
of the package manager which can do things like retarget everything
under your home directory and deal with permissions or whatever.

I know. I was actually nuts enough to do this, not that anything would
actually build with MIPSpro cc (and GTK+ hit massive bugs in gcc/gas on
MIPS). SunPro cc hates everything too, but gcc mostly works on SPARC & x86.

<washort> apt, does Emacs have Buddha nature?
<apt> I don't see why not. It's got bloody well everything else.

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