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alternatives for MUA and NUA?


 Today I stumbled across my .muttrc and found that I've hardcoded the
pager (w3m ;) and the editor (vim :) into it. On the other hand I find
the alternatives-mechanismus really useful so I changed it to pager and
editor which works really fine.

 Now there doesn't seem to be an alternative for the MUAs or the NUAs.
I'd really like to have that in there so that packages like pinfo or
muttzilla (just for an example) could work "out of the box" without
needing to twitch with the configuration files.  I think that would be a
good thing, don't you think so?

 And, on the other hand, if you have any packages that are using hard
coded pagers, editors or so into it's rc files waste a thought about
changing it to the alternatives name ``pager'' and ``editor''.  I really
think that this should be a little more used so the people know about it
and also use it...

 Just a thought.
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