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Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

Previously nveber@primusolutions.net wrote:
> I thought we had dependancies because certain programs wont run without
> certain libraries installed?

Right, and you need to run ldconfig to make sure the library setup is
sane in case it gets corrupted.

> It would be sufficient for a postinst script to simply set the
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, any libraries that might be needed will be found even if
> ldconfig wasnt run:

A postinst can't do that since it has its own environment. 
Also, a postinst script should never try to mess with system settings
such as the environment. The environment is something a sysadmin or a
user sets up: it contains personal settings, and should never be needed
(except for PATH and IFS) in order to be able to run something.

> PS. Anyone know what other distro's (redhat?) do?  Installing rpm's seems
> faster than .deb's, but I dont know if that has anything to do with this
> issue.

rpms run ldconfig afaik.


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