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Debian and KDE: Appology

Hello everybody

First I would like to give my appologies, I was not aware of the incomming
directory and I have been told that kde will be included. I would also like
to say that I personally do not use kde nor am a developer for them, my
consern was with the conflicts between linux. Competition is a good thing,
unless its taken to far and as of yet I have not seen anybody that was
talking about the lisence tell the community that the problem has been
resolved and we are glad to hear it.

Cheers, Ben
ps I did not mean it in a flaming sort of way, although re-reading the
letter gave me that feeling, please make a statement to the community, you
are a very important part of it, and as of yet debian has not made a
comment, FSF made a condesending comment (I don't know if it was afficial or
not but its been on the top of every news site).

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