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Re: Debian and KDE

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 12:51:23PM -0300, Ben Woodhead wrote:
> >From the article I have read about debian Stand On KDE, which said that
> debian would like to help kde get there license issues resolved so kde could
> be put into debian. Perhaps, that was not the case, and debian just wanted
> to kick kde because you guys don't like it and the license issue was just a
> reason for the kicking. 

You should be careful making allegations like that. It makes you sound
like a... no, I won't use words like that on a public mailing list ;-)

> If I was wrong, I would have expected to see some news on the homepage
> saying "Yeah, KDEs is completely GPLed and will be included in debian", or
> at least something like that. After all the reading I did where debian was
> saying that they would love to have kde but its not free. Well its FREE know
> and I still don't see any of the people that where complaining about the
> license saying something about it. 

Don't you?  Maybe you've been looking in the wrong place.  It was
discussed three time on this mailing list, which is public, and the
KDE debian maintainer has been openly discussing his plans to upload
Qt and KDE to main shortly.

> >From my guess, I would say all the people that where talking about the
> licensing issues are know just trying to think of something else to bitch
> about.

Well, maybe you should your guesses to yourself if you're just going
to be rude.

> Debian stands for something and I am proud of that, after all everybody else
> jumped on the bandwagon for making money but Linux did not get this far from
> money, they got here for the opposite reason. But I also think its about
> time to say, great TrollTech caved and fixed the license, so you won and
> that is GREAT, but its time to be real winners and say KDE is now free and
> has the debian approval. After all that was (supposedly) the only problem.

It indeed was the only problem, and KDE is going to be installed in

One of the several threads on debian-devel which made it quite clear
that this is going to happen is archived starting at


So lets stop mudslinging, no?


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