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Re: Debian and KDE

On Thu, 07 Sep 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
>    as Maintainer of KDE for Debian I'd like to chime in.  kdelibs, kdesupport,
>and kdoc all are sitting in incoming.  We had to wait till yesterday for qt2.2
>to come out so that I could build it, then compile kde against it since
>the GPL'd status doesn't mean squat if you build against the old libs which
>aren't GPL'd. :)
>This was all discussed on debian-devel and I was interviewed by a few online
>mags....whether any of that went anywhere is not my problem.

I am patiently waiting for the kdelibs/kdebase/kdesupport/qt stuff to go into
Debian so I can start working on Debian packaging of KDE again.

I would be happy to take over korganizer again for starters (from the status
information of the package on the tdyc site I believe that no-one else has
more interest in it than me).

Ivan, if you're managing the KDE Debianizing stuff then perhaps you could
assign 2 or 3 other significant KDE packages to me, or a dozen of the tiny
things that don't require much work and aren't as important.

Korganizer is significant IMHO because loss of data can cost users money and
there is more demand for fast action on bugs.  Games aren't as important
because people don't care so much if their high-scores get temporarily
misplaced.  ;)

Russell Coker

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