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Re: Debian and KDE: Appology

Paul Seelig wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 11:29:37AM +0200, Paul Slootman wrote:
> > On Fri 08 Sep 2000, Paul Seelig wrote:
> >
> > > RMS should IMHO publically apologize with the KDE people for this
> > > condescending part of his otherwise correct article.  He should be
> >
> > So now _you_ are telling someone to ask for forgiveness?
> >
> And *in this case* righfully so and without being derisive.  What an
> ironic turn, isn't it?

RMS was offering forgiveness for any FSF code that was infringed upon --
meaning nobody had to ask him for /anything/ -- and suggesting that the KDE
developers ask for the same forgiveness from the developers of the GPL code
they used (ostensibly only in two optional components, kmidi and kghostview),
and which they lost legal access to by being in violation of its license.

Somewhere along the line, this quite reasonable, non-derisive suggestion was
turned into "I demand you beg my personal forgiveness for violating the GPL,
and by the way, GNOME is still going to bury you", which is completely
derisive and completely unreasonable...and which never happened.

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