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Re: alternatives for MUA and NUA?

Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com> wrote:
> And, on the other hand, if you have any packages that are using hard
>coded pagers, editors or so into it's rc files waste a thought about
>changing it to the alternatives name ``pager'' and ``editor''.  I really
>think that this should be a little more used so the people know about it
>and also use it...

It's already a bug if packages don't. :) See policy section 5.4 for
clarification of this - if (as a package maintainer) you aren't also
checking the $EDITOR and $PAGER environment variables, and can't easily
do so, then you should use /usr/bin/sensible-editor and
/usr/bin/sensible-pager instead.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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