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Re: Crazy idea: removing version numbers from debian

Previously Thomas Guettler wrote:
> Eric:
> >Better yet, don't put packages into stable until we release.  "Stable"
> >has a fairly well-defined meaning; I don't see much benefit from changing
> >it.

We already do that.

> I am new to debian-dev, why not release stable packages daily?
> Why in a single step?

Because you can't test the new complete system that way.

> That's true. One solution would be to give the boot-floppies and related
> things the version number 2.2. The rest could be floating.

That won't help much, you still have an essentialy completely floating
system except for a really smart part.

> BTW, I even think the CD-Vendors would sell more CDs with a floating 
> system.

Maybe, but their margins would be too small to make it viable.


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