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Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

> > I have a large number of library packages installed on my
> > system. Unfortunately, setting up libraries is very slow.
> > Whatever the library tools are doing, they are not doing
> > it efficiently. Adding a library should have a sub-linear running
> > time complexity (wrt number of libraries), otherwise
> > the set-up takes too much time for the user. [ I suspect
> > it is O(n) now... ]
>   The thing that takes a long time is running ldconfig for each and every
> package.  There have been some discussions about how to deal with this, but
> nothing ever got done.
>   This isn't too bad on my current computer, but on slower systems or those with
> less memory, it's incredibly painful.  (until a month ago, I was using such
> a system..)

 Couldn't ldconfig be enhanced to act only on command-line given libraries?

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