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Re: Bug#71237: cdparanoia: cannot use cdparanoia 'out of the box' as a non-root user.

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 ferret@phonewave.net wrote:

> The problem I have here is that the 'appropriate device' is not guarenteed
> to stay constant with respect to the SCSI bus and ID, the way IDE devices
> are for example. On my system (I believe this is actually the default)
> scd devices are group audio, perm 0660, and my cdripper account is in the
> audio group.
> Currently, I have two hard drives and two cdrom drives in this machine.
> The hard drives are at IDs 0 and 1, and the cdrom drives are at IDs 5 and
> 6.
> ID:	generic:
> 0	sg0
> 1	sg1
> 5	sg2
> 6	sg3
> Now I want to connect an external hard drive to my machine, so I have more
> storage space for my music collection. I set this drive to ID 3.
> ID:	generic:
> 0	sg0
> 1	sg1
> 3	sg2
> 5	sg3
> 6	sg4
> Notice that now my external hard drive has access by audio group through
> the generic device, and my second cdrom drive is no longer accessable by
> the audio group.

To circumvent this problem, you could use the scsidev package to create
the appropriate nodes in /dev/scsi/ and set permissions on them. These
permissions will be preserved on reboots. The major and minor device
numbers will be adjusted if necessary at every reboot.
"/dev/scsi/sgh24-6c00c0i3l0" will always point at LUN 0 of the device with
ID 3 on bus 0 of the SYM5c8xx scsi-adapter at memory address 6c000. You do
need to run scsidev again if you add scsi devices while Linux is running,

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