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Re: build-suggests?

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Russell Coker wrote:
>> My package Postal is best compiled with libssl095a-dev installed so that
>> it can support SSL.  However it will detect the lack of such support at
>> build time and be compiled without SSL if the header files aren't
>> installed.
>> The next version will have build-depends on libssl095a-dev, but I think
>> that it would be more accurate to have build-suggests.  So that if you can
>> get the libssl095a-dev then you should do so, but my program will work
>> quite well (with reduced functionality) if you don't.
>You have to decide whether the program should be in main or in
>- compiled with libssl095a-dev: non-US/main
>- compiled without libssl095a-dev: main
>If you upload it to non-US/main there's a libssl095a-dev, and if you
>upload it to main there's no libssl095a-dev (and you should let it
>Build-Conflicts with libssl095a-dev or there might be broken
>dependencies if an autobuilder has libssl095a-dev installed).

I would like to have both main and non-US/main versions.  However I believe 
that everything that is in main has to have it's source in main, the version 
that is non-US can't have it's source in main.  Therefore I would need to 
prepare two versions of my source which would be just too much pain, I have 
more than enough work without doing things twice!

For those who are interested, my code has "#ifdef USE_SSL" around all the 
relevant sections of code.  If someone wanted to maintain a US version of 
Postal with all the parts in the USE_SSL stripped out then I would be happy 
to see it happen and I would help in any way that didn't involve much work 
for me.

Russell Coker

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