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Re: debian and multimedia

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Guenter Geiger wrote:

> Hi there,

> I'd like to start a multimedia applications offensive for debian.

Nifty keen.

> * I have had a request from a member of the ICMC2001 organization
> comitee, who is, of course, a Debian user, about extending Debians support
> for sound applications and multimedia in general.
> ICMC ( = International Computer Music Conference )
> One day of the conference will be dedicated to Linux, Debian could
> play an important role there.
> * Recently a thread on the audio development list 
> <http://www.linuxdj.com/audio/lad/> discussed a distribution dedicated
> to audio, some Debian Users/Developers spoke up there, in favour of
> Debian as a basis for such an effort.
> Questions:
> - who is interested in helping with this
> - a debian-multimedia list should be created (is this the rigth place to
> ask for it ?)

I'm all ears. =)

My main interest is in distributed audio processing.

I have four machines running currently (will someday be upped to five);
only one has audio hardware, and that one has two audio boards installed.

Some specific apps I'm interested in are:
* Client/server audio. esound works adequately but has some technical
shortcomings that ought to be dealt with.
* Distributed audio extraction. My family has over 1000 phonograph
albumns, over 500 8-track cassettes (don't ask) and around 200 audio CDs.
The tetrabyte or so of storage(!) needed for them beside the point, audio
encoding and processing could be load-balanced across our network.
* Generic distributed audio functions library. Personal interest here.
Once I get caught up on classes and have some Free Time I desire to do
research in speech representations, and would need a lot of spare
processing power. ;)

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