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debian and multimedia

Hi there,

I'd like to start a multimedia applications offensive for debian.

* I have had a request from a member of the ICMC2001 organization
comitee, who is, of course, a Debian user, about extending Debians support
for sound applications and multimedia in general.

ICMC ( = International Computer Music Conference )

One day of the conference will be dedicated to Linux, Debian could
play an important role there.

* Recently a thread on the audio development list 
<http://www.linuxdj.com/audio/lad/> discussed a distribution dedicated
to audio, some Debian Users/Developers spoke up there, in favour of
Debian as a basis for such an effort.

- who is interested in helping with this
- a debian-multimedia list should be created (is this the rigth place to
ask for it ?)


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