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Re: Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow


OK, yes :) if you are still in linux after you delete the cache, then it's
easy to recover...

But... if the cache is gone or corrupted and then your machine crashes, 
that's quite a different story :)

I think the conditions have to be:

 - ld.so.cache gets corrupted (but file still exists)
 - reset hit on machine

because that was close to my situation (instead of reset, my processor
lost contact with the bus temporarily).

It's possible that this situation is still bad:

 - ld.so.cache erased
 - reset hit

and maybe even this:

 - ld.so.cache erased
 - clean shutdown

but I don't see how a clean shutdown can even happen without the cache.

What I discovered is: no ld.so.cache, no executing anything that needs
a shared lib load.



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