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Re: Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

Previously Simon Richter wrote:
> Nope, this involves manual action by root.

Which is bad why?

> Well, this is the way a cache is supposed to work: It speeds up things,
> but it doesn't get in the way of normal operation.

Right, so not having the dynamic linker update it doesn't hurt at all.

> I wouldn't consider that "needlessly smart" but a minimal requirement.

It's not a requirement at all since it's only a cache as you mentioned.

> Imagine I had to tell my http proxy that it should check whether the
> documents it serves are still up to date.

For some webservers this is indeed needed.

> drwxrwsr-t  47 root   dist     1536 Jul 26 22:39 /usr/local/dist/DIR/

I do hope not all users are in that dist group..

> It is supposed to update its cache if it is outdated IMO.

Point me to any standards doc that says a dynamic linker should do
anything more then dynamic linking..


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