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Re: apt-get and proxy

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> Wakko{root}~/work/apt2/build/bin#http_proxy="http://void"; apt-get install apt
> Reading Package Lists... Done
> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> 1 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 362 not upgraded.
> Need to get 483kB of archives. After unpacking 142kB will be used.
> Err http://sunsite.ualberta.ca woody/main apt 0.3.19
>   Could not resolve 'void'
> Maybe your shell is foobar <shrug>
Sorry, I havn't checked recently.  It was in former times when I had to
work around this.  Now it works correctly!!
> Well, this means the bits that were pulled down don't match the what the
> Package file claims. Should never ever happen of course.
> > file enforced http-protocol instead of ftp.  But all files where OK
> > and I could cmp them perfectly to files I got "by hand".  I could
> Run md5sum on the files in partial and check against the Package file.
> Your cache may be caching a corrupted file or the end servers
> just might be bad <shrug>. Heck, you might have a 1 bit error that isn't
> within any compressed data. So it eludes gzip's CRC.

>From /var/lib/dpkg/available:
Package: makedev:
MD5sum: 7f6b97b984c246ead2c7be45ce4f1678

/var/cache/apt/archives/partial> md5sum makedev_2.3.1-46_all.deb
7f6b97b984c246ead2c7be45ce4f1678  makedev_2.3.1-46_all.deb

If I'm not completely wrong this is the same MD5sum.

> If they do match, then congrats, you found a bug - though due to the way
> the code is that would be .. interesting .. 
I just want to make sure that I understand all things right before I file
a bug report.

> FTP over HTTP over Squid is slightly less than desirable, I dont think
> If-Modified-Since actually works (squid bug). I *don't* recommend this
> configuration BTW.
Hmm, is there any other cache?? Never noticed that squid doesn't work
when using wget or lynx.
> I recommend shared NFS of /var/cache/apt/archives... Faster/better than
> squid for .debs
Well but some of my boxes don't use NFS and those using NFS have trouble
with tke lock file.  At least I had when I tried.  Any example for 
/etc/exports and /etc/fstab which handle this right?

Kind regards


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