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Re: Debian and KDE: Appology

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 01:19:06PM -0300, Ben Woodhead wrote:
> First I would like to give my appologies, I was not aware of the incomming
> directory and I have been told that kde will be included. I would also like
> to say that I personally do not use kde nor am a developer for them, my
> consern was with the conflicts between linux. Competition is a good thing,
> unless its taken to far and as of yet I have not seen anybody that was
> talking about the lisence tell the community that the problem has been
> resolved and we are glad to hear it.

This was never about competition or trying to rag on KDE because of Gnome.
It was always about licensing.  The licensing issues are resolved, so KDE
is being uploaded.

> ps I did not mean it in a flaming sort of way, although re-reading the
> letter gave me that feeling, please make a statement to the community, you
> are a very important part of it, and as of yet debian has not made a
> comment, FSF made a condesending comment (I don't know if it was afficial or
> not but its been on the top of every news site).

Richard's comment was apparently on the order of "It's about time", which
apparently managed to peeve the KDE people who felt they needed to flame
him publicly over it..  *sigh*  3 years from now we will still be seeing
this argument.  People such as yourself who don't know the whole story
before they start writing, and those who deliberately wish to troll for

Fortunately, my part of it is done - KDE is being uploaded to Debian now
to join Qt in main.  Unfortunately, not by any action of KDE.  Troll Tech
made the decision.  KDE and Debian both benefit.  I can speak for a
sizable portion of Debian when I say regardless of how the resolution came
about, we're happy with it (and in fact, most of us are absolutely
delighted that Qt is now available under the GPL, even if it means that
KDE essentially did nothing to clean up their own mess..)

The argument is over, despite some lingering distrust.  It's time for KDE
to get back to coding and Debian to get back to packaging.  Show's over,
nothing to see here, move along.

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