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Re: [flar: Hunting down Memory leaks (WAS: system crash)]

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 12:48:56AM +0200, Joost Claessen wrote:

> Talking about memory leaks, I suffer often the my server hangs because
> of a memory leak. I searched for bugs against the installed packages
> but couldn't find any. Then I start wondering about keeping logs of the
> memory use of programms, but euhhhh... don't know how. Does anyone here
> knows a tool/way to log the memory use of programms?

The GNU accounting utilities (package acct) will do this, to some extent.
Memory usage is calculated as a weighted averaged with respect to CPU time, so
it might not catch all leaky programs, depending on their runtime

See the sa(8) command.

 - mdz

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