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apt-get and proxy


I'm in real trouble with apt-get and a squid proxy.  First of all
I found out that in contrast to the manual of apt.conf the environment

~# set | grep proxy

are ignored by apt-get.  Thus I have included the suggested lines
into my /etc/apt/apt.conf file for http and ftp proxy.

Unfortunately I've got MD5 sum errors for all files I got via
  apt-get install
which remained in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial if the sources.list
file enforced http-protocol instead of ftp.  But all files where OK
and I could cmp them perfectly to files I got "by hand".  I could
perfectly install them via "dpkg -i".  I guess that the squid-proxy
prevents a MD5 validation.

I've thought I could get rid off this problem using ftp-protocol
in sources.list entries, because the MD5 problem vanished.  Today I
recogniced that the cache is ignored and files are obtained everytime
from the far host instead of using the squid-cache.

I really hope that there is anybody who can help me out this situation.
I'm sharing a 128kByte line with many people :-(( and need the cache
very hard.

Kind regards


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