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Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

On Sun, Sep 24, 2000 at 03:09:15PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Eray Ozkural wrote:
> > On our university's Solaris systems, users have to set a library path
> > to get some software running correctly. Though I sometimes had the
> > impression that LD_LIBRARY_PATH didn't work as expected on Linux systems.
> > In Debian system, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't seem to be used much
> > though we do make use of preload path.
> Sounds like your university has a broken setup. If it users libraries
> in non-standard paths it should either add those to /etc/ld.so.conf,
> or use -rpath when compiling the apps that use them.o

AFAIK, Solaris does not have an /etc/ld.so.conf.  The run-time library search
path goes something like:

2. paths specified at link time (-R)
3. /usr/lib

 - mdz

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