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Re: alternatives for MUA and NUA?

>>>>> "Gerfried" == Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com> writes:

    Gerfried> On 05 Sep 2000, Andreas Fuchs <asf@acm.org> wrote:
    >> Today, Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote: > Do most mail
    >> readers have the same command line interface? Perhaps, > but I
    >> really doubt that news readers do.

    Gerfried> *scratches* Uhm, right, I haven't thought about that
    Gerfried> *damnit* It sounded so good when it came to my mind,
    Gerfried> though...

How about defining a standard interface and using wrapper scripts
to convert the parameters?

Surely, it couldn't be too difficult, there are only a limited
number of parameters:

eg: to, cc, subject, body

would be enough, I think, even for programs like bug and reportbug.

Only problem might be MUAs that don't support all of these parameters.
If thats the case, then fix the MUA.

I think it would be worth doing something like the above, just for
netscape, reportbug, and bug.

As for the update-alternatives: I think a better method would be
something like that used for EDITOR - IIRC users can override the
default choice with an environment variable.

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Fuchs <asf@acm.org> writes:

    Andreas> And then, there is gnus.

I have never been able to call gnus satisfactorily from an external
program. I always get annoying side affects - eg.\ the new message
appears in *2 frames*: the current gnus frame *and* a new frame.
There is no need to use two frames, and it only adds to the clutter of
windows I already have on my desktop. If only it would leave the
current frame alone, and it would be OK.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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