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Re: Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

Previously Simon Richter wrote:
> Well, our university lab lets users install software into /usr/local/, and
> though noone runs ldconfig on those systems, it still works (see below for
> exceptions). The cache is updated automatically, the first time a library
> is used, it has to be searched for, but this is done by trial-and-error
> and not by reading the directory listings, so it is sufficiently fast
> (read: not noticable). Cache removals are handled the same way, if opening
> the library fails, the entry is removed from the cache.

That can't work, since only root can write the cache.

> You see, we could drop ldconfig entirely (like the NetBSD folks have done
> already[1]), if someone would fix ld.so to invalidate the caches
> properly. 

> Until then, we could call ldconfig nightly and/or add a setuid
> wrapper program that allows a normal user to rebuild the cache if
> he/she/it installed new libraries that mask distro provided libraries.

Normal users should never need to rebuild the cache, and the cache is
only updated (read: ldconfig is run) when you install or remove library
package (and not for all packages as someone else said).


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