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Re: APT problem

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 09:31:57PM -0600, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> [Alex Romosan wrote:]
> > which are not on by default and then i have to put the packages on
> > hold because apt wants to get the remote ones.
> You have to do this anyhow, otherwise the package will get upgraded
> and you will loose your changes. In all cases I can think of where
> a package is locally recompiled and has not been placed on hold you
> would indeed want the 'newer' archive package to be installed. The
> motivating factor here is local slink recompiles of potato packages.

i may be missing something here, but why not change the debian revision
number when you recompile the package? takes a few seconds to edit the
changelog. that's what i do...it works for me<tm>.

e.g. if the package is version 1.0-1, change it to something like
version 1.0-1ZZZlocal

then it will only be upgraded by apt or dselect if -2 comes out. you'll
still need to hold the package if you don't want that to happen (that's
a feature, not a bug :)

if you think that running dselect just to put a package on hold is a
PITA, use my little dpkg-hold script:

#! /bin/bash

# dpkg-hold  --  command line tool to flag package(s) as held.
# by Craig Sanders, 1998-10-26.  This script is hereby placed into the 
# public domain.
# BUGS: this script has absolutely no error checking.  this is not good.

if [ -z "$*" ] ; then
	echo "Usage:"
	echo "      dpkg-hold <package...>"
	exit 1

for i in $@ ; do
	echo "$i	hold"
done | dpkg --set-selections

FWIW, i think this script should probably be included with dpkg, or
similar command line functionality be added to dpkg. cc-ed to Wichert
for his wishlist.


craig sanders

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