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Re: debian and multimedia

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 09:50:10AM -0700, ferret@phonewave.net wrote:
> > I'm all ears. =)
> > 
> > My main interest is in distributed audio processing.
> > 
> > I have four machines running currently (will someday be upped to five);
> > only one has audio hardware, and that one has two audio boards installed.
> > 
> > Some specific apps I'm interested in are:
> > [...]
> > * Distributed audio extraction. My family has over 1000 phonograph
> > albumns, over 500 8-track cassettes (don't ask) and around 200 audio CDs.
> > The tetrabyte or so of storage(!) needed for them beside the point, audio
> > encoding and processing could be load-balanced across our network.
> Have you tried the distmp3 package?  I have no personal experience with it; I
> only know that it exists.

Tried it, but it appears to have problems dropping its connection if it
isn't run as root, and it also can't handle more than one stream per
remote host. There's a guy working on a distributed encoding/CD ripping
system but was barely past the planning stage when I looked at it.

And I'm still looking for a program that could take a phonograph or
8-track recording, massage it a little bit, and take a good guess at
splitting it into tracks.

If this guy's client/server code works as well as the spec looked, it
might be packageable. AFAICR it's Artistic license.?

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