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Re: Debian and KDE: Appology

On Fri 08 Sep 2000, Paul Seelig wrote:
> > 
> about.  They IMHO righfully complained about RMS' "forgiving" talk
> which is more like religious speech from a church or something.  
> If the catholic pope would utter such words it could be silently
> ignored, though it would be appropriate speech in his ideological
> context.  

Well, he *does* consider himself a saint; from his page
http://www.stallman.org/saint.html :

	Stallman is a saint in the Church of Emacs---Saint IGNUcius.


> But RMS speaking like *this* is rather unappropriate and IMHO quite
> insulting.  I wonder if the author of ncftp who was hurting the GPL by

He _is_ sometimes a bit tactless, but gets his point across.
Unfortunately, because he's such a prominent figure, people
react strongly to him or are otherwise more critical of anything
he does or says.

> RMS should IMHO publically apologize with the KDE people for this
> condescending part of his otherwise correct article.  He should be

So now _you_ are telling someone to ask for forgiveness?

Paul Slootman (not a follower of RMS myself)
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