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Re: Any reason not to use PNG images in packaged HTML manuals?

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On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 02:53:41PM +0100, Alisdair McDiarmid wrote:
> Netscape doesn't support transparency as far as I can tell, but otherwise
> is fine
> > For exmaple, even the Debian web site is still using Gifs instead
> > of PNG format.
> Someone should possibly convert them where appropriate. I'll do it if
> no-one else wants to.

The above issue with Netscape is what's keeping us from converting, I think.

The corners of the buttons in the navigation bar are transparent; although I
guess we could just make that part match the background color and make the
images PNGs.

The other used GIF, indicating compliance with HTML 4.0, doesn't use

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