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Re: Debian and KDE: Appology

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 05:52:04PM -0500, Joseph Carter wrote:

> Richard's comment was apparently on the order of "It's about time", which
> apparently managed to peeve the KDE people who felt they needed to flame
> him publicly over it..  *sigh* 
It was not the harmless "about time" part those people got angry
about.  They IMHO righfully complained about RMS' "forgiving" talk
which is more like religious speech from a church or something.  
If the catholic pope would utter such words it could be silently
ignored, though it would be appropriate speech in his ideological

But RMS speaking like *this* is rather unappropriate and IMHO quite
insulting.  I wonder if the author of ncftp who was hurting the GPL by
using readline and who subsequently put ncftp under GPL as consequence
of complaints was asked to beg for being forgiven as well?  I guess
not, it was just retroactively considered legal, right?  Is this then
just treatment of the KDE developers?  Definitely not!

RMS should IMHO publically apologize with the KDE people for this
condescending part of his otherwise correct article.  He should be
wise enough to be careful about the context in which other people
might consider certain statements simply derisive.

                               Thank you, P. *8^)

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