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Re: CVS apt 0.4.0

On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Joey Hess wrote:

> Pinning is beautiful..

Heh - I haven't even explained it all yet!

> > I hope nobody sees any particular problem with APT getting this
> > functionality... 
> Assumming we never make "/" a valid part of a package name..

Well, lets not do that :> I think there is some logic to allow that to
work, if the given name exactly matches a package then it is taken to
describe a package otherwise further processing is done.
> I expect you'll see some warning messages, and package will not
> preconfigure, but otherwise it should be usable despite the fact the
> program in debconf will be broken.

I was thinking about the fact that apt-get will want to remove debconf
since it's version isn't met anymore :>


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