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Re: db3

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Joey Hess wrote:

> It seems db3 is out, and I'm having a bear of a time building a new
> version of rpm without it. Does anyone plan to package db3?

Good luck with getting db3 working on non-i386 before the new glibc is
uploaded.  I've been wrestling with it for awhile (the new mysql packages
are using it...or trying to) on Alpha and have seen similar problems on
sparc and PPC.  Seems that glibc 2.1.3's libpthread doesn't supply the
functions needed for db3 to be able to support thread mutexes (at least
not on non-i386).  The new glibc does solve this on Alpha, though (I
checked), but until it's uploaded, I doubt a db3-using binary would do
much good on other archs if it's intended to be a threaded app.


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