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Re: Alternatives to ftp.debian.org

> On Thu, Sept 07, 2000 Christian Surchi wrote:
> Do you need a mirror to upgrade you system? What about using http?
> http.us.debian.org point to many mirrors.

Funny you should mention this, as this is exactly the one I picked.

My question was more about how to pick one. The documentation on the
web pages indicates that these "secondary" mirrors have some
restrictions, but don't detail them. This makes it hard to decide
which ones might be suitable for my purposes, short of trying them
out. This seems to be working ok, although I was a bit disapointed
that the Packages files needed to be re-fetched. I guess the date
time stamp didn't match?

BTW, I'm sending this message without a mailer, so I appologize 
if I didn't get the headers right...

Thanks for the feedback,

no sig on sparc

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