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Re: Bug#72140: Setting up libraries too slow

On Sat, Sep 23, 2000 at 11:17:34PM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote:
> OK, yes :) if you are still in linux after you delete the cache, then it's
> easy to recover...

It's easy no matter what.

Look at this: 

torsten@clark:~$ LD_DEBUG=help ls
Valid options for the LD_DEBUG environment variable are:

  bindings  display information about symbol binding
  files     display processing of files and libraries
  help      display this help message and exit
  libs      display library search paths
  reloc     display relocation processing
  symbols   display symbol table processing
  versions  display version dependencies
torsten@clark:~$ LD_DEBUG=libs ls
24326:  find library=libc.so.6; searching
24326:   search cache=/etc/ld.so.cache
24326:    trying file=/lib/libc.so.6
24326:  calling init: /lib/libc.so.6
24326:  initialize libc
torsten@clark:~$ sudo rm /etc/ld.so.cache
torsten@clark:~$ LD_DEBUG=libs ls
24544:  find library=libc.so.6; searching
24544:   search cache=/etc/ld.so.cache
24544:   search path=/lib/i586/mmx:/lib/i586:/lib/mmx:/lib:/usr/lib/i586/mmx:/usr/lib/i586:/usr/lib/mmx:/usr/lib                (system search path)
24544:    trying file=/lib/i586/mmx/libc.so.6
24544:    trying file=/lib/i586/libc.so.6
24544:    trying file=/lib/mmx/libc.so.6
24544:    trying file=/lib/libc.so.6
24544:  calling init: /lib/libc.so.6

> But... if the cache is gone or corrupted and then your machine crashes, 
> that's quite a different story :)

If it's corrupted I bet that you can crash the machine. But that should 
not happen on library installation.

> What I discovered is: no ld.so.cache, no executing anything that needs
> a shared lib load.
> Comments?

Wrong. You might be able to crash the dynamic linker by a corrupted
ld.so.cache but that's all that can happen.



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