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Re: Debian and KDE: Appology

rms@gnu.org (Richard Stallman) writes:

> You are picking at little details of my words, reading into them a
> hostility which is not there.  
I would have expected of a central figure in the Free Software
movement to be more conscious about choosing his wording regarding
delicate situations like the one occurred.  It would have been far
more practical and fruitbearing to *simply* forgive instead of writing
a text which can easily be misunderstood when read from the people
written about themselves.  You may not have wanted to sound derisive
but you should have known what wording to prevent.

> Meanwhile, you don't seem to be
> concerned about the mob of people who are attacking me.
I may now be even more concerned that you seem to consider the authors
of free KDE software a mob.  Or maybe you are simply confusing a mob
with the KDE authors?
> To me that says "injustice" and "double standard".  Injustice, because
> you blame me for meanings that others project into my words; double
> standard, because you exonerate them for real nastiness while blaming
> me for imaginary nastiness.
I don't exonerate nobodies nastiness and imaginery nastiness would
have used less misunderstandable wordings.  Somebody has to stop
blaming the eternal other and why can't you be this one?  Why do you
demand others to ask for being forgiven instead of simply forgive

> I think you ought to apologize, for supporting this mob.  
Maybe i'd consider apologizing if i'd read an apology from you to the
*KDE developers of free software* (not some amorphous mob).  But since
i don't support any kind of mob anyway there actually is no need for
an apology on my behalf.

> I have
> no reason to apologize for being its victim.
You don't have no reason to apologize for being victim of a mob.  But
this is not what i was concerned about and what you don't seem to
understand.  Too bad that St. Igncius doesn't seem to understand the
importance of being diplomatic in situations where it'd would be
appropriate.  You definitely could have written your article in
question without such derisive effect regarding "forgiving".

I can only forgive you for being as stubborn as you obviously choose
to stay (i hope i'm mistaken) and thank you for for your engagement
for free software.  But this leaves a bitter taste for me.

                              Thank you, P. *8^/
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