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FWD: Re: [slug-chat] RSA is FREE!!!

Figured everyone should see this, just in case...

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On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 12:07:43PM -0700, Michael Jennings wrote:
> Note the very careful wording:
>    This means that RSA Security has waived its rights to enforce the
>    patent for any development activities that include the RSA algorithm
>    occurring after September 6, 2000.
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> So the question remains, are OpenSSL and friends safe, or not?

Good observation.  Take the following excerpt from a FreeBSD crypto list.

    Quoting Jeroen C. van Gelderen" <jeroen@vangelderen.org>

    The press release talk about RSADSI "waiving its
    rights to enforce the RSA patent for any development

    This is very cunning as the patent never actually
    covered development. Instead it covers usage and
    sales of products incorporating RSA, both of which
    are not explicitly allowed for in the press release.
    Better be careful, better get written approval!

Shakespeare was right about lawyers.


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