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Re: CVS apt 0.4.0

Pinning is beautiful..

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Further, the command line has been expanded to support this notation:
> apt-get install apt/0.4.0 
> or
> apt-get install apt=stable
> I hope nobody sees any particular problem with APT getting this
> functionality... 

Assumming we never make "/" a valid part of a package name..

> There is also a small issue with newer debconfs and CVS apt, debconf has a
> small utility which interfaces directly with APT for greater performance,
> but that utility is linked to a shlib that is not binary compatible with
> the new code..

I expect you'll see some warning messages, and package will not
preconfigure, but otherwise it should be usable despite the fact the
program in debconf will be broken.

see shy jo

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