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CFP: Smart BootManager

Hello debian-devel,

Smart BootManager is a tiny, powerful and multi-language boot manager
written in assembler. SBM supports many features in only 30K bytes
including multi-languages and themes, a user friendly menu system,
partition auto scan, boot schedule, password protection, and more. SBM
is the first GPLed boot manager to embed an IDE ATAPI CD-ROM driver,
it can boot Win95/98/2K, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and BeOS from
CD-ROM. Multi-bootable image CDs are supported as well.

It is GPLed.
HomePage: http://www.gnuchina.org/~suzhe/

It is easier to use and work well with lilo. Good for newbie users.

Best regards,
 hashao                          mailto:hashao@china.com.no.s.pam

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