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Re: Crazy idea: removing version numbers from debian

Thank you for your answers. 

Some misunderstood my idea, I don't want to remove
version numbers from packages.

>How do u call slink? "Old Stable"? :)

Yes, "old_stable" or "past"

>No i think it is not a bad idea to have a version number. The only question
>is if the Version number should cover the whole distribution (including
>contrib, non-free, non-US,...) or only the base section (like with FreeBSD).

Yes, that what I had in mind, too.
I would apply 2.2 only to the base section and the other packages
should keep their version numbers. 

>New packages would not be allowed into stable until x days had passed in
>unstable status without a Release Critical Bug.

What about a doing things like this on a feedback basis?
After a package was installed on your computer successfully, 
you get asked if you want to send a sucess-feedback.
After N positiv feedbacks the package gets stable.

>Finally the idea I like the best is no numbers, only named updates

I think you still need to distinguish between foo_pack1.2-stable1

>Better yet, don't put packages into stable until we release.  "Stable"
>has a fairly well-defined meaning; I don't see much benefit from changing

I am new to debian-dev, why not release stable packages daily?
Why in a single step?

>Those who do not understand ajt's "testing" distribution are doomed to
>reinvent it, poorly. :)

OK, I will RTFM, I hope there is some.

>Also, having versioned released is something that CD vendors want to
>have. If we only had an ever changing semi-stable they could only sell
>snapshots, which means they can't produce a large number of CDs, costs
>will go up and they will switch to selling CDs of other distributions

That's true. One solution would be to give the boot-floppies and related
things the version number 2.2. The rest could be floating.
BTW, I even think the CD-Vendors would sell more CDs with a floating 
system. I ordered Debian 2.2 in january, now it's nearly september. 
If I would have got them at once, I would maybe buy my next CDs now 
(don't like downloading netscape with a modem connection).

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