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[no subject] Re: "Choose debian archive" box confusing /boot nonexistant on sun4cdm install disk set 2.2.17 early access testing version (i386) [debian-installer] microdpkg [debian-installer] plans for this week [Guillaume Morin <>] Re: wrong commit to the CVS [i18n] language choser impact [i18n] README-Users.m4, index.html [patch] powerpc dbootstrap documentation. Re: [potato] last not i18ned part in bf and more [ Re: Release Notes!!!] [woody] udpkg progress add_modules_from_floppy() in configure_drivers() Anyone else have CheapBytes CD trouble? Automatic installation of a Debian system AW: Installing into DOS partition Re: Bad links in the install documents on the website bf and potato, history issue (was Re: bf rewrite?) bf documentation hazy plans (was Re: bf rewrite?) bf rewrite? Boot disks with filesystem encryption. Boot Floppy Issues Boot of 2000/98/Debian system? boot problems with Industrial Computer Systems system Booting Sparc Station 1/2 Bug with Rescue Boot 2.2 0714 Bug#13021: marked as done (boot-floppies: basesystem via FTP) Bug#29146: request to integrate Bug#29277: Constructing sentences in dinstall makes translation to Finnish hard Bug#31449: Debian Bug report logs - #31449 Bug#32231: marked as done (boot-floppies: Driver Configuration - token ring driver selected, missing from /etc/modules) Bug#35435: marked as done ([Fixed for potato] Slink script to create /dev/sbpcd failure) Bug#39533: marked as done ("copy kernel-image to partition" installation method) Bug#41298: acknowledged by developer (bootdisk: the rescue disk should include the sformat utility) Bug#41298: marked as done (bootdisk: the rescue disk should include the sformat utility) Bug#42123: marked as done (specifying paths within archives at boot time) Bug#42580: marked as done (error when trying to mount a partition not marked as native could be better) Bug#51574: marked as done (hardware on Promise Controller not seen by fdisk during install) Bug#55404: Description of kernel modules Bug#55404: Missing driver information for modconf Bug#55939: done Bug#56317: Debian boot-floppies write on wrong tty Bug#56317: marked as done (problems with console windows) Bug#56317: problems with console windows Bug#56886: [slink, alpha] cd boot attempts mount of 08:02 as / Bug#57133: marked as done (dbootstrap problems [mostly done] - dir chooser, config net (ppp), init-chroot, doc suggestion) Bug#57609: boot-floppies: Putting fr-latin0 keyboard map in the boot floppies? Bug#58007: parameters not working for module installation Bug#58857: marked as done (The boot floppies do not work with milex raid on root.) Bug#58984: marked as done ("Choose Debian archive path" dialog box unclear) Bug#59312: marked as done ([insufficient info] boot-floppies: dbootstrap aborts when using raid partitions) Bug#60620: marked as done (configuration of ne module doesn't user params supplied) Bug#60872: marked as done ([slink] dbootstrap requiring unexisting file resc1440-2.0.38.bin) Bug#61534: marked as done (Potato install writes to the wrong console) Bug#62085: marked as done (installation crash) Bug#63203: marked as done (module description for sb is incorrect) Bug#63398: marked as done (More missing pcmcia unresolved externals in 4/17 boot disks) Bug#63743: marked as done (Installation : configure device drivers fail to handle modules.conf) Bug#64179: marked as done (stop button while downloading over http does nothing) Bug#64200: marked as done (Problems installing potato/sparc from tftp.) Bug#64371: marked as done (Smart Array RAID Compaq do not see at boot) Bug#64371: Smart Array RAID Compaq do not see at boot Bug#64499: boot floppies cannot access my super floppy formated syjet Bug#64522: [slink, m68k] error installing on Performa 600 Bug#64576: marked as done (segfaults in busybox) Bug#64621: marked as done (Installing from network window don't show errors but silently restarts the installer) Bug#64636: marked as done ([m68k] error installing on powerbook 520c) Bug#64764: boot-floppies fails to recognize rescue disk on PS/2 Bug#64823: incorrect LILO automatic placement on i386 Bug#65547: marked as done ([modconf] Can't locate module serial) Bug#65580: marked as done (frozen rescue floppy image for PowerMac doesn't work) Bug#65606: Close the bug Bug#65694: marked as done (problem with dselect post-install) Bug#66038: marked as done (You cant install base.tgz from a mountable filesystem) Bug#66104: marked as done (PCMCIA configuration can halt installation procedure) Bug#66275: marked as done (rescue.bin needs new root.bin) Bug#66326: Debian Bug report logs - #66326 (images-1.44/rescue.bin) Bug#67082: "Choose debian archive" box confusing Bug#67421: bugs during install Bug#67617: marked as done (UnTGZ fails) Bug#67624: mkfs.ext2 does not work on file Bug#67624: potato] mkfs.ext2 does not work on file Bug#67645: marked as done (base: /etc/environment isn't owned by any packages) Bug#67647: marked as done (runaway modprode) Bug#67722: PCMCIA/network conflict (cf #66284) Bug#67771: marked as done (Modconf fails to start) Bug#67771: modconf or not? Bug#67794: marked as done (FW: Toshiba Laptop Install Doesn't Get Beyond First Boot) Bug#67888: netwinder/arm port shouldn't ask about maintaining 2.0 compatability Bug#67900: doc: "FIXME" text remains (because not labeled "FIXME") Bug#68016: marked as done (tftp and floppy install broken on sun4m) Bug#68016: tftp and floppy install broken on sun4m Bug#68021: /lib/modules and symlinking a symlink Bug#68021: can't locate module when installing compact flavour Bug#68217: base: Bash stops itself, while saying: stopping myself.... Bug#68348: (no subject) Bug#68348: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#68372: fresh install: xdm does not start Bug#68373: fresh install: some dependency problems ? Bug#68496: modconf: when arguments have been given to configure a module, it is not possible anymore to try to load this module without arguments Bug#68517: [compact] not enough RAID ida devices Bug#68517: Not enough RAID ida devices Bug#68562: marked as done (Missing /etc/modules.conf file in base2_2.tgz) Bug#68562: Missing /etc/modules.conf file in base2_2.tgz Bug#68659: mke2fs(8) is inaccurate Bug#68659: oops: version 2.2.16, not 2.2.17 Bug#68659: root disk filesystem shouldn't use new ext2 extensions Bug#68665: Please add devices Bug#68670: modconf should support all HiSax drivers Bug#68716: marked as done ([slink, i386] problem booting no-name AMD) Bug#68716: problems booting the install Bug#68872: Cannot reproduce Bug#68900: CVS-fixed Bug#68911: acknowledged by developer (boot-floppies: dbootstrap.h missing) Bug#68911: boot-floppies: dbootstrap.h missing Bug#68911: marked as done (boot-floppies: dbootstrap.h missing) Bug#68946: Boot problem Bug#68946: marked as done (Boot problem) Bug#69012: BugReport Bug#69141: boot-floppies: Can dd with volume management on in Solaris Bug#69150: boot-floppies: provide more information about available disks for partitioning Bug#69151: boot-floppies: provide advice about partitions to create and their sizes Bug#69151: provide advice about partitions to create and their sizes Bug#69153: boot-floppies: include partition name in initialize and activate partitions dialogs Bug#69153: powerpc stuff Bug#69154: boot-floppies: simplify Debian mirror selection Bug#69154: marked as done (boot-floppies: simplify Debian mirror selection) Bug#69155: boot-floppies: installer should remember mirror choice Bug#69156: boot-floppies: Timezone selection dialog is confusing Bug#69157: boot-floppies: boot-floppy creation fails on PowerPC Bug#69157: marked as done (boot-floppies: boot-floppy creation fails on PowerPC) Bug#69158: boot-floppies: Installer doesn't eject floppies on PowerPC PowerMacs Bug#69159: boot-floppies: Rephrase pre-reboot message Bug#69161: boot-floppies: installer fails to create bootable system on ``oldworld'' PowerMacs Bug#69197: base: Inadequate backup instructions and tools Bug#69197: marked as done (base: Inadequate backup instructions and tools) Bug#69372: cfdisk bugged and wiped partition Bug#69617: marked as done (there should be some statically linked tar at installtime) Bug#69620: Is section 1.7 still required? Bug#69786: Documentation - important Bug#69793: IBM PC Server 320 (MCA/PCI Pentium) cannot boot Bug#69793: marked as done (IBM PC Server 320 (MCA/PCI Pentium) cannot boot) Bug#69905: marked as done (Problem booting from SPARC installation CD) Bug#69905: Problem booting from SPARC installation CD Bug#69959: 1.2M root.bin is just nulls Bug#69959: [i386] 1.2M root.bin is just nulls Bug#69970: boot-floppies: images-1.20/root.bin consists entirely of nulls Bug#70006: base: debiandoc-sgml depends on latex (debiandoc2latexps) Bug#70006: marked as done (base: debiandoc-sgml depends on latex (debiandoc2latexps)) Bug#70036: [dbootstrap] pcmcia configuration has no way out Bug#70093: Can't download Rescue disk completely. Bug#70387: automatic build fails for potato Bug#70428: DPT controller Bug#70428: PM2865U3 has problems during debian install Bug#70428: Update on PM2865U3 Bug#70452: base: GTK version of XEmacs Bug#70548: boot-floppies: PCMCIA Module "pcnet_cs" does not correctly work with Netgear FA 410TX Bug#70588: modconf: Add autodetection based on libdetect (PATCH provided) Bug#70607: boot-floppies: potato / 2.2.16-2000-07-14 - eepro100 module has cmd_timed out problem. Bug#70639: boot-floppies: Add module autodetection based on modconf/libdetect (PATCH provided) Re: bugs 64500 and 64823 Bugs against release notes? Re: building i18ned docs Re: Can't boot on StarMax 3000/200 with 2.2.16-2000-07-26 Can't install non-Nautilus on UP1100 Can't network install with 3c905TX??? Re: cant start X Compiling _test targets compressed modules Re: confusing message during disk format CVS Update: debian-installer Re: Debian2.2 Won't install debiandoc-sgml and Russian, Polish debinst, debconf & postinst. debinst: debconf based installer Default kernel config. Re: DHCP and /boot Documentation DPT SmartRaid VI PM2865U3 fancy loadlin interface: winux First Annual Linux User's Training Conference and Awards Presentation Free, Interactive Refugees of the World Gnu-OS Distribution hdc: lost interrupt and very slow installation Help!!!:Problem with Boot using UDMA66 How do I make custom package lists? How on earth do I load modules from the floppy disks? inconsistency with install.en.txt install prog -> problem on ide raid system install prog -> problem on ide raid system : PART 2 Re: Installed base-config 0.34 (source i386) Installing Debian with DTP Raid 5 controler ? Installing into DOS partition It's "the Hurd" just a short note Language Chooser libc reduction Linux Users Forum and Awards Presentations - 30 Oct 2000 - Wash. D.C. AWARDS... EXHIBIT AND SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES loony lilo looping maintaining potato bf (was Re: what is next?) Re: Minimized Debian bootable CD Missing driver description modprobe trying to load `nls_?' module while trying to mount Debian CDs New experimental boot floppies (pre 2.2.17) available for testing New release of boot-floppies Re: not i18ned part in b-f 2.2.15 obsolete slovak release notes and install manual oh... Re: on which branch should I commit my patch ? OT Question: c libraries Partition file proposal Patches for Installation Manual, Chapter 1 (welcome.sgml) Re: Polish bf/docs on CDs Portuguese release notes Re: Potato install won't let me set root password. Re: Potato now stable Re: potato release notes missing Re: FWD: Problems with pre2 2.2 Processed: backassign Processed: bla Processed: bugs fixed in bf 2.2.17 cvs Processed: Cambridge home for lost bugs Processed: cvs fixed mke2fs Processed: CVS-fixed Processed: downgrade Processed: fixed Processed: Fixed in NMU modconf 0.2.27 Processed: foo Processed: fresh install: some dependency problems ? Processed: hm Processed: hmm Processed: hmmmmm Processed: lost overview Processed: modconf stuff Processed: powerpc stuff Processed: Re: boot-floppies: boot-floppy creation fails on PowerPC Processed: Re: boot-floppies: simplify Debian mirror selection Processed: Re: Bug#64613: boot-floppies: Only got one CD drive but system claims I have multiple Processed: Re: Bug#65606: Close the bug Processed: Re: Bug#67640: Can only install non-US from Processed: Re: Bug#67771: modconf or not? Processed: Re: Bug#68021: can't locate module when installing compact flavour Processed: Re: Bug#68372: fresh install: xdm does not start Processed: Re: Bug#68911 acknowledged by developer (boot-floppies: dbootstrap.h missing) The last update was on 06:04 GMT Sun Dec 05. There are 587 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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